Sharlene Frame

Sharlene Frame came to Bay City in 1975. She had been born and raised in Chadwell,
Oklahoma. Shortly after her arrival, she and Russ Matthews fell in love and married in
1976. Russ’ inability to accept her promiscuous past and the fact that they couldn’t
conceive ended the marriage in 1977. Sharlene left town and she was at the time,
pregnant with Russ’ daughter Josie. Russ didn’t know this.

When she returned to town in 1988, she fell in love with John Hudson and they married in 1989. In early 1990, Sharlene’s alternate personality Sharly emerged and she began an affair with Grant Harrison. Sharlene sought help from psychiatrist Taylor Benson. Taylor ended up falling in love with John and wanted Sharlene out of the way.

Taylor tried everything to convince Sharlene that Sharly was back and that she needed to be institutionalized. Sharlene meanwhile gave birth to John’s son Gregory in 1991. Taylor tried to kill Sharlene later that year and when she fell into the river, John and Sharlene thought she was dead. She wasn’t and she soon lured Sharlene to a boat that exploded. The body was never found but everyone thought Sharlene was dead.

In 1994, John met Kate Baker who was soon revealed to be another of Sharlene’s personalities. She had been living as Kate since the accident. When John was in an accident and could have died, Sharlene came back. In 1995, John and Sharlene married again. John felt neglected after a while and found himself attracted to Felicia. They made love and when John told Sharlene, she told him the marriage was over.

Sharlene left town in 1997 but returned in 1999 when her daughter Josie was hospitalized and had a miscarriage. She decided to come back to town and stay with Josie for awhile so that she can support her through her marriage problems.

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    What was the love song that played when John and Sharlene were in the barn

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