Carl Hutchins

Carl Hutchins came to Bay City in December, 1983. He originally came to town to get revenge on Mac Cory because he blamed Mac for his father’s suicide years earlier. His attempt to take over Cory Publishing failed and he was jailed in 1985 after poisoning Sandy Cory, Kidnapping Rachel and Marley, and killing Daphne Grimaldi.

After his release from Jail, Carl was presumed dead in August 1985 when he was thought to have drowned. However, he returned in 1991 and attempted to kill Kathleen McKinnon because she had information that would send him back to prison. Carl committed various crimes until his redemption in 1994. He had fallen in love with Rachel and he vowed to be a changed man. Mac’s daughter, Iris, went to jail for his attempted murder that same year.

In February 1998, Carl was presumed dead once again in a hospital fire at BCUH. Rachel found him alive and well and living in Florida the next year. He revealed that he faked his death in order to spare her the pain of watching him die from a recently diagnosed brain tumor. Now cured and living once again in Bay City, he’s looking forward to resuming his life with his wife Rachel.

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