Rachel Cory Hutchins

Rachel Davis Matthews Clark Frame Cory Hutchins is the matriarch of Another World.

Rachel is one of the most infamous and beloved characters of AW.

In 1999, she would be in her 50’s. She is the mother of James Frame, a doctor, with her second husband, the late Steven Frame. Amanda Cory is her second child, with her third husband MacKenzie Cory and her third child is Matt Cory. Although Matt was raised by Mac, he is the biological son of Mitch Blake. Rachel slept with Mitch to save Mac’s life from the evil Janice Frame.

Late in life, Rachel bore twins, Cory and Elizabeth, from her marriage to Carl Hutchins.

When she was young woman, Rachel was conniving schemer who bed Steven Frame so she could steal him away from lovely, innocent Alice Matthews. The Steve, Alice, Rachel triangle became one of the most popular love triangles in Soap Opera history.

Rachel is the CEO of Cory Publishing, the company her husband Mac ran before his untimely death in 1989.

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